Happy 2022

Since 2020 we have been suffering a series of unfortunate events that will forever mark our time. The Corona Virus, humanitarian crises, bad economy, it seems that everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong.

2021 entered and it seems that nothing has changed, more masks, more pandemic, more quarantines and new forms of COVID-19.
Now that we enter 2022, let us resume our aspirations, our will to live, not just survive. Let's attack the year in offensive and not defensive mode. It is time to take our lives back, to stop living in fear. 2022 will be our year. With God in front, this year will be better.

This is my year

This is our year, the year of progress, of happiness, of perseverance. We declare with faith, in the name of Jesus, that this will be the year of plenty.

I know it seems that there is no hope, that everything is lost, but we are still here, alive, and as long as there is life, there is hope.

We have lost relatives, friends, some have been divorced, or worse, were abandoned by their partners, with their children. But this year, 2022, this is your year, this is the year where you will take care of yourself, you will think about yourself, what is best for you, you will improve your life, and you will become the person that everyone wants to have. This 2022 you will have to choose.

Let's start 2022 with a positive mind, full of aspirations, with the thought that if we don't propose them, we can achieve it. Nothing is impossible, nothing is unattainable, this is your year and no one will be able to take away the blessing that in the name of God is already declared for you, that it belongs to you.

This 2022, promise me that you will make the best effort of your life, that nothing can stop you, that you will not go unnoticed. It will be the year where everyone will re-notice, know about you, talk about you, love you, envy you and some will even hate you, but something if it is true, they will not be able to ignore you.

This is your year, claim it with faith.

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