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15 Things Men Do When We Stop Loving A Woman

If you feel insecure in your relationship because he no longer treats you like he used to, here are some things that men do when we stop loving a woman. Pay attention to whether or not these behaviors occur frequently, have been going on for a while, and are affecting your quality of life. If any of these are indicative of a bigger problem in your relationship, it might be time for you to have a serious talk with your partner.

1 We don't get interested in your life anymore.

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Before, he was interested in how your day was, your work, your friends, family, your aspirations and dreams. However, today he acts like he doesn't even notice what you do, who you hang out with, or just how your day was. He hardly ever asks you anymore and when he does, it seems like it was out of commitment. When you're the one initiating a conversation about your job, the relevant client you had to deal with today, or what happened to your co-worker, he acts like he's not listening to you, and he never remembers what you said to him. . This may mean that he is no longer interested in you or just not interested in what you are doing. The two are not mutually exclusive. If he doesn't care about your life outside of the bedroom, this could indicate that he doesn't love you anymore.

2 We almost never take time to be with you anymore.

When a man loses interest in a woman, he almost never finds time to spend with her. If it's not work, family, it's because he's very tired. He just doesn't mind being around you.

3 We act like we're always angry.

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If a man loses interest in a woman, he usually gets mad about everything too. He may start yelling at you or doing other things to hurt you. You can even go to a bar and get drunk. He just isn't happy with you anymore and will try to do anything to avoid your company because you are no longer his priority.

4 We no longer want to have sex with you.

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This is very obvious, but we feel the need to mention it. If a man loses interest in a woman, he will stop having sex with her immediately, it's that simple. Men are very physical, and for sex we always have time. That there was no time, that I am very tired, etc., are nothing more than cheap excuses. Sure, if you like the woman. And yes, it is possible that at some point there will be a valid excuse, such as that the plane is going to leave me, for example. But in general, the man who loves and likes a woman will always take his time to have sex with her.

5 We make plans that doesn't includes you.

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A man who loves you will hardly plan activities that do not include you. Of course, it is important that each one does things outside the relationship, we agree that not everything has to be with your partner. But when all the plans, especially significant things, exclude you, this is a greater indication that this man no longer enjoys his time with you, and prefers to be with his friends or family.

6 We get irrationally jealous and become possessive.

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This can confuse you, because you are probably thinking that if he has become possessive of you and suddenly jealous of you more than before, it is because he loves you more. You are wrong friend. Most of the time we men use this as an excuse to start planning our way out of the relationship. We began to look for the cat's fifth leg, to get from where there is none and to try to make you feel bad, that you do things wrong, so that in some way or another we can blame you. This is definitely an indication that he doesn't love you anymore and wants to find an excuse to leave you.

7 We don't show the same affection for you as we used to.

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The boy is no longer as affectionate with you, as he was before.

Maybe he was never that affectionate, or maybe he was one of those who cuddled you while you watched a movie together. The fact is that now things have changed, and he no longer shows any kind of affection towards you. But it's not only this, but also the way he responds when you're the one who tries to give him a hug, a kiss, or just be close to him. It's like he doesn't like your warmth anymore.

There may be other reasons why a man does not show you much affection, perhaps he is under a lot of stress at work, depression, or there are things that worry him. The fact is this is definitely an indication that things are not going well, and you should find out what's going on.

8 We no longer spend quality time with you.

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For a relationship to work, both of you need to spend time with each other. This entails having date nights, moments where you are focused on each other, and nothing else. When men begin to lose interest in a woman, we avoid situations where that woman has to talk to us a lot. We prefer to do things like watch a movie together, because that way we know they can't be talking. At this point, it is obvious that we are avoiding having to sit on the opposite side of the table, while enjoying dinner at a restaurant, in order to avoid having to have a conversation with her.

9 We don't even notice when you get all cute.

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He used to get impressed when you looked really cool to go out and always commented on how good you looked. Now he doesn't even notice it. You could spend 2 hours getting ready for the exit and for him, but you go unnoticed. Sometimes you feel like you could shave your head and he wouldn't notice.

10 We act like we never know what you want.

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When we men realize that we are no longer in love with a woman, we almost always try to fight it. Many times we can not understand how it is that someone we loved so much, has left us just like that. This is when we start acting weird, one day we're super loving, but the next we act like we hate you. This is because when we act affectionate, it is because we are trying to see if there is still something there, or if we are the ones who are wrong. Of course, there are many other reasons why a man might be unloving towards you, perhaps he is under a lot of stress and there are other things that concern him. But this behavior in combination with other things that we have already told you, can be signs that indicate that he no longer loves you.

11 We make you look bad in front of others.

Not only does he make comments when you're alone, but he doesn't mind making you look bad in front of others. For a man in love, his woman is always the best and she is never bad, especially in front of others. Sure, there are things that are discussed in private. But if you see us making jokes about your appearance, or criticizing how you are or what you do in front of friends or family, and especially in front of other women, this is a very strong indication that we no longer care about you and we have lost the interest in you

12 We no longer do things for you.

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Before it seemed that he was able to lower the moon to make you happy. I recognized your needs sometimes before until you yourself. And if you asked him for a favor, he was always more than willing to help you. Today things have changed. If you ask him to get milk from the store, he acts like you're asking him for the world. He always comes up with a thousand excuses why he can't help you.

13 We do not commit to anything for you.

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When men fall in love, we are willing to commit to doing things that make our partner happy. We even change and/or modify things we do to find middle ground where we can both be happy. On the contrary, when we stop loving a woman, we will not care if what we do makes her unhappy, we will continue doing it with the thought that this is how we are, and you want the way I am or get out.

14 We no longer talk to you about the future.

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Before, we had very long conversations with you about how many children we were going to have, the house we were going to buy and the places we were going to go together. But those are no longer topics of conversation. When the man no longer speaks to you about the future, it is because he does not see you in his future.

15 We are not interested in fixing things.

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Perhaps you try to talk to him about what is going on in the relationship. It is possible that the way he is acting has nothing to do with you, but causes of stress and other things. In this case, the man will try to explain the situation to you, and will look for a way to fix things. But when we stop loving a woman, we will act like you are exaggerating, and that nothing is happening. In fact, we will make you feel bad for even bringing the matter up in conversation, to the point that you will feel like the one who is bad is you. Don't forget that men are narcissistic by nature, but hey, let's not get off topic, we'll talk about that another time.


Well, not all of this will apply to your situation. You need to take into account that men sometimes get distracted, get stressed, have family problems and a lot of other things that could make us act cold in the relationship. It is also possible that you start to feel like your man doesn't love you because of a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. It's good to analyze the situation fully, before concluding that the reason he's acting like this is because he doesn't love you anymore. But if you are convinced that it is not paranoia, and that he really does not love you anymore, trust your feminine intuition and start planning your next step.

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