5 things men do when they cheat

Although traditionally men are more unfaithful than women and therefore it is assumed for this reason that they should have more experience, this is not the case. Men are more awkward than women when slapping their horns and quite predictable. Read these 5 things men do when they cheat.

1. They change the routine

Unlike women, who generally continue their lives when they are being unfaithful as if nothing is happening, unfaithful men take a 180 degree turn. From the way they dress to their hygiene, the places they visit and the times of departure and arrival at home, the man transforms into another person and his wife is usually the first to notice it.

2. Se ponen celosos con el celular

Man with cell phone in the toilet

it is very obvious when a man has a lover, and one of the things that gives him away is how protective he gets with his cellphone. He does not drop it anywhere, he even takes it to the bathroom, you no longer hear notifications coming in because he always has it in silence mode and if he place to on the table, he makes sure that it is facing down so that no one ca see if he receive any notification.

3. He stay sitting in the car for way too long

Man talking on the phone in the car

His lover's time is limited, so he have to take advantage of every minute. One of the things that men do is stay in the car talking to her when they get home, because otherwise, it would be very difficult to do it inside the house.

4. They get defensive

Couple arguing

When a man has a lover he becomes defensive, almost everything is a fight, and tries to make his partner feel bad because asking questions. He may say to her something like; you are always accusing me, you have become so toxic, so many unfounded accusations. This is where his narcissism kick in, he will every reasons to argue, so that he can have an excuse to leave the house, acting like everything is your fault, so that he can go see his lover.

5. They become very nice and will even wash the dishes

Man washing dishes

The same way that some men get defensive and quarrelsome when they have a lover, some do the opposite and would act nicer than before to their women. They will begin helping you with household chores, they may surprise you with a home cooked meal, and even give some gifts. Many men do this because they feel guilty about cheating on their partners and think that with little gifts and treating you well, they will compensate for their bad actions. Also they may think that this will mislead their wife and she won't notice the affair.


When a woman cheats, the man is usually the last one to know, but when a man cheats, it doesn't take long for his wife to find out. Women has a sixth sense that never fails, she is very observant and is always aware of sudden changes in her man.

Another reason why a man almost never finds out when his wife is cheating, is because the woman will continues her normal routine and and would be straight with her lover, making it clear to him that she has a husband and he cannot find out that you (the lover) exist, thus making him not only her lover, but also her accomplice. On the contrary, men most of the time lies, not only to their wive, but also to their lovers. But more of that in another post. Comment below if you'd like us to touch that topic.

Until next time!

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